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Here are some suggestions from Central Insurance on what to do in the aftermath of a car collision.

Check first to see whether there was any injury. If you need to, dial 911 for an ambulance. After everyone is secure then you are able to worry about your vehicle and whether it is necessary to hire a lawyer after collisions with cars.

Report to the police the place where the accident took place. It is possible that you will need copies of this report later for either your insurance provider or lawyer, in case you have to go to the court.

It is possible to move the vehicle in the event that it’s still able to.

Contact your insurance company. Your insurance company will inform your insurance company of what to do next. Take note of the model, the manufacturer and the license plate of the vehicle in question. The driver’s name and contact info. If you can, record what happened during the crash in the moment they’re still fresh in your memory.

Take photos with a smartphone or camera, of any harm done to your car, or damage to the property of other vehicles or cars. If you need to go to court you will be able show what damage has been caused and the magnitude of it. 6pxrq5is69.

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