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The popular site eHow looks at suboxone treatments for alcoholism or opioid addiction.

Since the body has become accustomed to taking specific amounts of drug each day, it goes into withdrawal. The body is stimulated to create endorphins. If you decide to quit to a cold, your body is crying out for help to activate the pain receptors. The result is such painful symptoms that addicts will do anything to get a fix.

Suboxone aids in keeping the body and ensures that your pain receptors don’t get stimulated. It works similarly to methadone but is not as addictive. It’s available pills or thin strips that melt in your mouth. It is not necessary to see the doctor each day to receive your daily dosing of methadone. Any doctor can prescribing Suboxone.

Because suboxone is acidic it’s essential to wash your teeth frequently while taking suboxone, because the medicine may cause more tooth decay. Suboxone is usually used for brief periods of time, since, as methadone is, it is a drug that can be addictive. If Suboxone is used for longer than one calendar year it could cause kidney and liver damage. jf7mb2bm4i.

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