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It can be confusing for people to get it. There are several procedures that need to be followed in order for us to get clean and safe drinking water. Pumping stations are where water treatment starts. The pump is able to draw water from surface or underground sources such as streams, lakes, rivers, and lakes. The water is transported by pipeline through the pump filtering system by pipes. The next step is to remove any hard particles. This involves infusing air into the water and causing particles to rise up to the surface. Then, they are removed by this method. The process of separating water and unwelcome particles is known as water clarification. This is followed by water purification. Next, you need to use disinfectants. This can be done mainly by using chlorine. Chlorine has been used to treat water for more than 100 years. Next is Ozone. Super-charged oxygen refers to what ozone can do to water. Ozone is much potable than drinking water. For more info on drinking water, continue to view the rest of this video. gr3ntv9bs1.

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