Different Types of Acne Treatments and What You Should Know – Free Health Videos

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Hormonal imbalances are happening within your body. Unbalanced hormones could create acne. Knowing what type of acne you have is important as it will lead towards a remedy using an acne treatment. Also, it is important to identify the type of skin you have and how it influences your acne. There are a variety of skin types that range from dry to oily, sensitive to combination.

It is important to choose the ideal acne treatment your needs. A few medications to treat moderate or severe acne include vitamin a, topical antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide and oral antibiotics. isotretinoin injection, corticosteroid, and birth control pills that contain estrogen. Engaging in the daily skincare of your skin type can be a good way to keep a healthy skin. One way to maintain proper skincare is to cleanse every day with soap and clean your face gentle, use oil-free products, be careful not to squeeze or pick at blemishes to maintain a consistent schedule for skincare.


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