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The footage is shot inside a Floor and Decor Shop with Me flooring store showroom. The first part of the video shows signage. Then, it begins by showing various backsplash and cabinet choices. While it’s not clear if the countertop, backsplash or cabinet are designed for bathroom or a kitchen, it looks like they can.

It is an unfinished washroom with a washer and dryer. It also has a shower however it looks more like an animal wash station due to the fixtures and walls in the shower are low.

The film then shows the bathroom with an ensuite that has a tub, fixtures and freestanding bathtub. The video then shows options for an enclosed shower. In the next section of the video, the show shows various vanity sink options. The video shows everything from glass to marble to stone.

The video shows a variety of options to shower walls. It includes marble and tile. It demonstrates the numerous options available for tile walls within a shower, or on the bathroom walls. Also, you can see various vanity choices in the bathroom. Additionally, it offers large size options for the master bathroom and smaller ones that are for the powder room.


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