Termites vs. Roof Rot Which Are You Dealing With? – Do it Yourself Repair

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In order to stop further harm — and even more to avoid further damage — and more. There will be more damages when you put off calling a professional. The first person to call to get a roofing service in your area or a termite specialist? These are some tips to help you distinguish between termite damage and wood decay damage.

Termite infestations are very common. These tiny bugs love to eat healthy wood in your home and turn it into their personal place of residence. There are a few abnormalities. The first is tunneling within the wood. This may look like small pieces of wood left with slightly rounded forms found in the wood that remains.

Wood rot is often referred to as fungus rot damage, results from getting water into the wood. This can lead to fungi growth on your wood and cause it to become more vulnerable to infection. The first signs of fungus are that wood will appear as if it is collapsing. There may be scratching. This chipping will worsen more time ignored. Examining the paint on your roof is an excellent method to spot wood rot. To learn more, check out this short video! 22qcfgg2h1.

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