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floors are typically required to make a choice between commercial concrete polishers as well as epoxy floor coating. Both options have benefits and drawbacks, but one is more suitable for certain circumstances. This video explains the basics of concrete polishing, as well as its benefits.

Polished concrete is made by continuously running industrial grinders over polished concrete slabs. Polishers start by using the coarser polishing pads then switch them out for finer pads throughout their work. The final product is the polished concrete floor, which is clear and uniform.

Polished concrete is great for floors that aren’t exposed to harsh chemicals, acidic substances, toxins as well as wet process and food processing. This low-cost method produces outstanding outcomes on light and medium service floors.

Floors with polished finishes require frequent maintenance for their polished finish And business owners must to consider this along with the traffic they will be seeing. It may not be the best option for floors that are used extensively.

However, polished floors look beautiful, cost-effective and eco-friendly. If you don’t want an edgy floor, polishers can also provide matte finishes for an edgier look. To learn more watch the video on the right.


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