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#10 Stand out when you’re tall

Many homes have low ceilings because of their height restrictions. You can still create the illusion of taller ceilings. Try fitting the curtains until they reach the top of the ceiling covering. Even if the window’s frame is small to ensure it appears great.

Creating the taller ceiling illusion will also open your living areas to give them an illusion of larger area. If you live in a small apartment but want to increase the airiness and space of your living room, this is an excellent idea. One of the most well-known methods in history is the curtain trick.

#11 Make use of texture

When it comes to making your house a modern but beautiful home for the family members, texture is one of the most important aspects. Textures can be found in natural finishes and include materials such as stone rock, wood and synthetics among others. Natural textures aren’t like wallpapers, however you can use them if you are looking to cut costs.

There are many ways to make feature walls with a different texture. A stone wall cladding is an inexpensive option. Some synthetic models don’t even employ natural stone. Instead, they utilize synthetic polycarbonate, or another type of plastic. The finishing touches are added to the fake stone wall by coatings that resemble real stone.

#12 It’s simpler to do much less than you believe

Never forget the famous phrase about the less is more principle. It’s not just a saying but it’s actually true. Doing too much can cause a room to appear unappealing and tacky. Create a comfortable environment for your guests or family by balancing color.

If you don’t want to overdo it with vivid colors, why don’t you combine just the right proportion of bright colours such as the greens or yellows. These shades can also be employed to create plants or flowers.

#13 Make your floors great

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