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lman of the Mayo Clinic describes integrative health.
What’s behind integrative medicine?

Integrating complementary and conventional medicine is meant to include everyone within the healing process. Doctor. Perlman calls it “optimizing your vitality.” The essence is about healthy living kicking illness away. It’s about fighting off disease by using less chemical medication through a healthy body. For instance, people who are practicing Tai Chi or yoga notice their balance improve which prevents falling and an emergency visit for the ER.

What’s the reason?

It was designed for healing it self. Modern times bring modern illnesses that need help in healing. To treat the whole body, mind, and the spirit, doctors work with reiki and chiropractors along with masseuse therapists and hypnotherapists.

While the treatment might sound fantastic, it can be because traditional medical care may require an boost. Integrative health means being a team to ensure the wellbeing and well-being of your body, mind and soul.


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