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Looking For A New Career Field? Look Into Selling SEO Services

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Learning the seo trade

Are you a blossoming writer looking for a career field that can expand on your skill-set? Or are you a part-time student looking to make extra money while you obtain your degree? Whether you’re an experienced journalist or someone looking to get their start, creating and selling SEO is fast becoming the ideal option for those wanting to stay afloat in an increasingly crowded and modernized market. Learning how to be an SEO reseller requires a combination of writing skills, marketing panache and a little social media know-how. Below I’ll detail how to be an SEO reseller in 5 steps so you can spend less time waiting and more time getting your career off on the right foot!

What Is SEO?

First things first: what is SEO and how does it work? SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’, a form of online marketing that utilizes small and informative articles to redirect customers to their preferred sites of choice. Businesses will hire SEO services to better cultivate foot traffic or web traffic, depending on their location, and increase their repeat customer base. Finding large SEO reseller revenue requires discussing financial goals and strategies with businesses looking to update their marketing techniques. A recent study even found out SEO beats out social media traffic by a stunning 300%!

How Is Internet Marketing Different?

Did you know that there are over 100 billion global search engines conducted every month? The Internet has completely changed the face of marketing as we know it and SEO (as well as pay-per-click) leads the pack in terms of sales, relevance and convenience. Inbound leads have been found to cost 60% less than outbound leads — while outbound requires more effort on behalf of the business, such as mail or print, inbound leads like SEO are much more affordable and can reach a wider audience. SEO leads have a 14% close rate, while direct advertising lags behind at 1.7%.

Why Do Customers Prefer SEO?

With a flurry of advertisements fighting for your attention every single day, how does one set themselves apart from the pack? A recent survey found 61% of global Internet users using search engines to research the products they want, while as many as 90% of general online experiences begin with a popular search engine. SEO encourages customers to seek out the results they want rather than being bombarded with manipulative advertisements that don’t pay off — when as many as 70% of users will ignore paid ads, you’re already off to a good start by choosing SEO!

What Skills Are Needed?

Customers greatly prefer the organic approach of SEO compared to noisy and distracting conventional advertisements. A combination of strong writing skills and knowledge of Internet media is needed to create SEO — it stands to reason selling these services run along the same lines! Selling SEO services to a business is easier when you have a deeper knowledge of how and why both customers and businesses seek out this option. When meeting with managers or supervisors, remaining personable and relaying quick and simple facts will go a long way in convincing them of this superior marketing option.

Where Do I Start?

Learning how to be an SEO reseller takes a little knowledge and a variety of skills — now how about finding large SEO reseller sales? You can learn the SEO trade by mentoring under other SEO resellers and learning as you go, picking up useful connections and flexing your muscles in real-time. You can also meet with businesses directly or advertise your services online, using the flexibility of SEO to speak for itself! SEO is the ideal marketing solution for small and large businesses trying to catch customer’s attention, so take what you’ve learned here on how to be an SEO reseller and proceed with your newfound career with confidence!

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