How to Build a Home Storm Shelter for Your Family – NC Pool Supply

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You can buy the home storm shelter however it’s also feasible to build one on your own. This is a simple task that could help you save money over time. We’ll take a closer look.
To begin, it’s important to clear our your garage. It’s among the best spaces to put the storm shelter, since it’s protected from the elements, and has a solid design. Begin by taking off a concrete slab before digging in the dirt underneath. It should be 28 inches in depth. When you’re done you can put up a frame of wood over your holes in order to build walls and support the roof.
The next steps will require the use of metal rebar along with concrete, as well as electrical wiring. If you want to ensure the storm shelter you choose to build is a viable one, you’ll need ample structural support as well as power just in case you’re inside for a long period for a long time. In addition an sliding door can be ideal for an entrance. g21qh5v3tl.

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