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Microdot Access is from Office. Its latest version is 2021. Access is an advanced program for managing databases. It generates and produces reports. It is often used in the business world, for accounting, finance and HR. When opening access, the initial page opens. Search for and access databases by clicking the link on your left. Create a new file. If you want to learn more about the ways to access it to begin, start by creating a blank page. This new database begins with the workspace. The navigation pane on the left hand side has all of the necessary objects. These are separated into forms, tables and queries. The video will show each of these on the video. The tables are used to store and collect data. Comments are known as fields. Rows are known as records. They represent one person or measurement. The default table is Table 1. Click to add and type a name in the space. There are numerous ways to formulate this. If you’re curious about learning more take a look at this video for additional information. 3r99d1q7cn.

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