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The United States has a variety of schools which offer instruction in all grades, both elementary and secondary. These differences are based on the method in which education is taught and also relationships between students and teachers. This should be taken into consideration by parents before asking yourself “Should my child attend any of these Montessori Schools?”

Montessori preschool programs are based on play-based learning. It is not the case that routines and worksheets in traditional preschool programs have been eliminated. Early childhood education based on Montessori guidelines gives children more liberty to pursue their passions and develop their skills on their own. It is a Montessori Montessori elementary curriculum places an emphasis on demonstrations, and visual materials.

Another feature that is unique to the Montessori method is that it is a focus that is given to the individual student in place of the classes that students are at other schools. The student-to-teacher ratio in Montessori schools is considerably lower than in public schools.

It is crucial for parents to understand that every Montessori academy facility will work toward the same end goal: to prepare students for the world of higher learning and for the future.


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