Intro to Leather Crafting – Entertainment Videos

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It’s difficult to find the right ideas. The last couple of years have seen the rise of leatherwork as well as floral design have become more well-known. You can make leather jewelry or cool patches with leathercrafting. Whatever you decide to create from leather is entirely dependent on you, but we do have a few ideas! This video will teach you a few basic techniques of making leather to help you get started with the craft in no time!

There are a variety of different tools when you first start in leatherworking. It is also necessary to stitch tools like chisels. Waxed wire and a cork back ruler are essential to begin leatherwork. You will require leather to complete your project. It is possible to purchase leather from your local craft store or from a specialty fabric stores. For learning the basics inexpensive leather is the best choice. It will take time to learn how to properly cut leather. So don’t start out with anything expensive. Use a sheet of paper for a start. Create some fun with your craft.


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