Tornado Outbreak Devastates Southern US – Entertainment News Today

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ars roofs split. The result is roofing nightmares for roofers. However, you are lucky if your roof is not torn up by the tornado. You should never be awed by the strength of nature. This video will demonstrate how a massive tornado which destroyed Oklahoma and Texas just recently occurred.

On the 21st of March, more than 20 tornadoes touched down on the border between Texas along with Oklahoma. The people were fleeing for shelter when roofs fell off of trucks and automobiles. Additionally to tornadoes and hail dropping from the skies it also caused damaging hail. These storms have left thousands of people without power.

The tornado was spotted near an elementary school when it struck a small community. The twister was described as EF3 with winds of 140 and 150 miles per hour. The gym roof was ripped off and collapsed. Thankfully, no one was injured because all the kids were at a shelter for tornadoes. Being prepared really does make the difference. Never underestimate nature’s power.


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