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Children and celebrate spring with some baking, cooking, or food-themed decorating. If egg decorating just isn’t enough kitchen time for you and your family this year, consider trying some new spring-themed recipes! Here’s a video that shows you how to prepare delightful and tasty spring desserts. Let’s get started!

Kneading a loaf of bread can be extremely fun and relaxing, so get your children involved in the baking action with basic dough, yeast olie, oil, and flour. After your dough has been formed three times and is now ready to bake then you can sprinkle edible flowers and other herbs while it’s being spread out on a baking pan. After it has baked then you will have a gorgeous tiny edible creation! Create regular cupcakes covered with a floral method to make them appear like flowers. It is possible to create a bouquet using them by placing the cupcakes all on sticks. Make sure to ice the dome of a cake, and then make the bunny’s tail with fondant then add white and coconut chocolate accents to make an adorable bunny-themed cake!


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