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The e-mail was titled “Top Six Spring Lawn care tips.” Six tips are shared by the host to ensure you take proper care of your yard. Start by searching your yard to find areas where there are problems such as weeds or lack of grass. The lawn should be mowed to remove leaves and debris to make the soil more hospitable. For determining what materials are needed for grass growth then the next step is to perform a soil test. It can be conducted at the local supermarket. You are able to perform a soil test yourself with the kit.

The 3rd procedure is to clean your mower , then begin to run it and make sure it’s working properly. Watch this video to show how you can remove and wash the mower’s blades prior to beginning the lawn’s spring season. The lawn will require a product to stop the growth of weeds prior to your grass is growing. The products you use will destroy your seeds so don’t use these products. The next stage of seeding is in the spring. Given the shorter season, he suggests you start again planting in fall. For your lawn to look great, mow it regularly. zbc2sfk8bu.

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