Tips and Tricks for Screen Printing With Transparencies – The Film Frame

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When printing on transparent papers make sure to use the solid lines. Do not use markers or the pens when you’re working on a hand-made design. They leave jagged edges which makes the finished product less flattering. Choose greyscale or bitmap mode without anti-aliasing to create models on your computer. Do not use the RBG Color mode.
When using transparencies to print on screen, make sure that you print in a dark shade so that it will block bright light. The goal is to have it on the screen regardless of the hue of the ink. You must use the color black in the final print. The computer is the ideal option for printing. There are many advantages. First, the computer makes it easier to modify the image. It is possible to make errors by pressing a few buttons to make a print on a transparent piece of paper.
You can save your backup copies of your transparency paper and keep them on cloud storage websites like DropBox and Google Drive for remote access in the event that something happens to them.

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