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This is an elegant word to mean “a typeface with serifs.” Serifs are tiny lines at the end of each stroke in a letter. They create a distinctive look for letters. The first thing to do is select the font you want to use for the channel letters. A majority of people choose the sans-serif style of fonts like Helvetica Neue or Arial. Since they don’t have a lot of the lines or details, sans-serif fonts can be great. They are typically easier to read and less annoying than serif fonts. After you’ve decided on your style of font it is time to embellish your lettering with details.

Add details to your lettering allows you to break the monotony. It also brings the interest of your work. It’s time to inject some color! You must ensure that your channel’s lettering is properly balanced. This is the final stage. Double-check all your letters before beginning creating your letters. It is essential to ensure that the letters are properly aligned and that there’s no sign of error.

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