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The Recipe for Website Success

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If you are a new business, or one looking to revamp their brand image, you may want to consider custom web design services. A mistake business owners often make is trying to undertake everything on their own, including their website. While you may think that custom web design is a costly expense that can be avoided, there are several benefits to choosing to resell web design and development.

First, deciding to resell web design and work with a web development team to execute your web design services saves you a ton of time. Even if you are a coding whiz, the process is still a lengthy one. Deciding to outsource your web design services saves you time to focus on other aspects of your business, such as brand and product development and customer service.

Deciding to resell web design services also give you a professional edge. As professional web design services, they know what works, and can create an aesthetically pleasing, as well as user friendly web design. Your web page is ultimately the first impression consumers have of your business, so coming across as both professional and informative at first glance could be the deciding factor between whether or not visitors become repeat visitors.

However, deciding to resell web design exclusively does not ensure that your website will perform in the search engines. No matter how attractive your website, if it is not optimized to be found in the search engines, you are doing yourself a serious disservice. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a series of practices designed to increase a websites’ visibility in the search engine rankings. You may want to consider pairing yourself with an Seo reseller in order to help you executed a proper online marketing strategy. Without one, the pretty website you designed it completely obsolete.

There are several advantages to working with professional web design services, and having a solid white label SEO plan executed. While you may feel that the investment is not worth the cost, you may want to re evaluate the benefits. There are several cost effective options out there with flexible design packages for every type of company. A professional website could be the difference between visitors going with you, or your competitors.

Hosting Is Best From A Versatile Business

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On the web today, roughly 75 percent of search users report that they avoid paid advertisements and only visit organic links. Search engines are becoming an extremely popular place for people to research the products and services that they are interested in. Estimates have come out that show that by the year 2012, more than 88 percent of web users age 14 or older will use the web to find information about products and services that they want to purchase. If you are trying to find hosting that will allow you to improve your online marketing to better your online sales numbers, you may want to find a provider of search marketing as well. The right provider of search engine optimization will give you hosting and optimize your pages to get seen more regularly on search engines so that you can improve your visibility on the web.

Mobile Internet is another technology that hosting providers are becoming increasingly sensitive to. A reported 64 percent of smartphone users shop online with these mobile devices. This means that you need to select hosting that is not only appropriate for traditional browsing, but can also be adapted to mobile platforms as well. Some mobile devices will not load technology and scripts that are used frequently on desktop platforms.

You should also find hosting that gives you the amount of bandwidth that you need to accommodate the traffic you expect on your web site. Across the board, online sales are climbing. Forrester Research projects that online sales will make up for almost 9 percent of overall retail sales by the year 2016. To ensure that you can secure your fair share of this online business, you have to locate hosting that is appropriate for the customer base that you have. You can compare several different types of hosting so that you can locate a source that offers appropriate services.

Once you have a site in place, it is important that you get your company seen in the right areas, such as social networks. Research statistics show that most businesses only respond to 30 percent of the feedback that comes from people that follow them on social media networks. Having a strong presence on social networks will make any business more successful. Look for a flexible web host that can give you all the services necessary to help you improve your visibility to gain more commercial success through the power of the web.


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