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These ideas for small business owners can be put to use in the garage of your home if you’ve recently built a storage area or garage.

1. Dropshipper: Garages can serve as a central point for the delivery of last-mile services. You can temporarily receive local parcels of delivery and deliver the parcels to your local post office.
2. Instructor: Make your yoga, dance or martial arts class with the help of a garage floor that is finished and adding floor-to-ceiling mirrors to the wall.
3. Repairing computers: A bench and a few precision tools allow you to repair computers, smartphones, or other electronic devices.
4. Tech Support: You and your employees will be able offer support 24 hours a day by setting up multiple phone lines and server farms.
5. Recycling: You could recycle older appliances using trucks or a trailer. Sort and take those recyclable pieces from your garage.
6. Soap or Candle Makers: Provide yourself with molds, tables, materials, and a heat source that melts fats, wax, or both. Then, you can bring your preferred art forms to life while earning substantial profits. 92k7gf92vj.

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