Overbites How Do Braces Really Fix Them? – Health and Fitness Tips

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Learn about how braces fix the problem of overbite with Premier Orthodontics. If you have mild or moderate overbite, braces are the best option. A combination of elastics of them is another great alternative. Elastics are essentially rubber bands. They are used for two years in the average. Then the upper teeth may be removed. In this way your bite will be aligned. Since the jaws are developing, braces work best for children. Braces may be required to help children stay in their mouths for some time after they have been removed. Unfortunately, braces alone do not help in situations of extreme overbite. Some children may require advanced dental devices known as Herbst appliances for up to a year. This device is able to be removed at the end of one year, and then braces are put to replace it. Adults who suffer from severe overbite may require surgery. The moderately overbite in teens and adults need the help with braces as well as Forsus springs. Because older adults and teenagers are no longer growing, braces need braces. In the eight-to-12 month period braces are worn. Following that, Forsus springs are put on. They should be worn for four up to six months.

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