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The issuance of a license is an amazing milestone. It’s however not a piece of cake. People aren’t aware that there’s a myriad of errors that are common and will make you fail the driver exam. In this video, you will discover some of these mistakes. To avoid such mistakes Make sure you take your 8 hour driver improvement classes.

Refusing to aid anyone injured is the first error that can lead you to the point of failure. It is a common mistake to drive through yellow traffic lights. an additional common mistake. A yellow light is similar to a red, unless you are incapable of stopping safely. If you are driving through areas that are congested, it could cause you to get stuck. In the event of congestion then you should make sure there is plenty of room on the other side for you to cross safely. Likewise, speeding through a school zone can be rewarded with an automatic failing. You will also be disqualified from any sign that is deemed to be a violation of the law including stops. It’s true that striking the curb will also make you fail the test. A motorist who is unable to stop can also cause you to get a failing grade. This list should help you succeed on the road test.


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