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Puncture is frustrating. As a result, it will prompt you to find local tire services to assist. The YouTube video “How to Correctly Repair an Tire” will show you how you can fix a punctured tire on your own.

According to the video The first procedure is to identify the site of puncture. After locating the spot you can repair the puncture and mark it. The sides of tires is not a good place to repair in the sense that it’s classified as a dangerous area. Before removing the valve, mark the area surrounding the stem.

Next, determine how far the puncture was made. Utilize a well-lubricated, smooth wire. When you’ve found the end of the hole, mark off the area on the wire’s surface. The cement made of rubber should be applied, and left to cure. The next step is the buffing procedure. To fix the issue use to the area a sealer.

As a last step check that the tire has been checked for leaks. Keep in mind, however that not all tire companies let you repair their tires. It is recommended that a new tire should be used.


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