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It is possible to connect with reliable healthcare professionals across the nation which provide affordable or free health care services. These partners are medical special societies and advocacy groups for patients. The Foundation has also partnered with healthcare organisations that use its resources to offer health care services to those who are most in need. The foundation’s goal was accomplished through the use of resources and assistance of others. It is possible to get funding from different sources including foundations, state grants and individual donors is one example.

Alongside giving patients life-saving medical treatment The HealthWell Foundation’s primary goal is to help improve the quality of patients’ health by creating awareness about diseases that are preventable and encouraging healthier lifestyles. Patients can choose from a broad range of specialist and essential services, including dental care and physicals, gynecology examinations, rehabilitation service as well as mental health counseling and neurological rehabilitation. Patients can also qualify for financial aid if their annual income is 500% lower than the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).

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The doctor is there for you, but there are times when it is difficult to address all your medical needs. The Foundation can help you get a doctor’s appointment or financial assistance to cover an appointment with a different health care provider, depending upon your needs.

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HealthWell Foundation is managed by the HealthWell Foundation is managed by the board of directors, who comprise of volunteers from the health community in the U.S. and professional staff who manage its money. With an experienced management team that has successfully carried out many initiatives that the Foundation handles various projects funded by different foundations and corporations. They aim to provide the highest quality care for all people, no matter their finances.

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