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If the baby sleeps in their own bed then waterproof sheets are needed to guard the mattress. The waterproof sheet on the bottom protects the mattress and serves as a fitted rear sheet for the baby. Baby’s can often get accidents with their diapers, as being splattered drinks, and other water that could impact their mattress. That’s why it’s a smart idea to lay down bedding that is waterproof.

The sheets can be waterproofed in the crib, the cradle as well as other mattresses the baby is sleeping in. They work perfectly to stop the mattress from getting wet and starting to smell bad as well as causing mildew, mold or mold over it. You should cover any baby’s mattress with waterproof sheets. If you are cosleeping, this may include your mattress.

The sheets have their own waterproof backing they don’t have any additional padding that makes the sheets waterproof. They will not absorb water. They repel water. They repel liquids spilled onto them.


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