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You’ll be feeling more real and have better control.

2. Water-based effects provide waterfalls or splashes a sound that can be heard and the latest visual effects of jumping through the water.

3. New furniture from Fantasy was added to Minecraft, and it fits perfectly with the Minecraft theme. So, take a look at the latest furniture pieces that have been to be added!

4. Flex FOVs allow the user to adjust their FOV any way you’d like all the way to 360 degrees that way you will be able to view all surrounding you.

5. The Burn in the Sun Mod lets you select the type of fire that burns optimally when exposed to light.

6. Mythic upgrades have been added for you in the process of upgrading your armor tools and weapons.

7. It is now possible to discover the latest things in your daily life applying the mod’s name.

8. Mariam’s Souls-born weaponry is suggested to be used with better fighting and includes new creatures and weapons to the game.

9. Small ships brought new kinds of boats to the game.

10. The final mod is Twilight forest that is updated with each new game upgrade The forest can be explored various biomes in.

For a deeper explanation of the Minecraft changes, watch this video!


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