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Depression, PTSD and various other disorders could be redesigned to help patients live more healthy and happier lives. Read on for more details.

The video includes Doctor. Domenick Sportselli discussing how the ketamine treatment works to stop NMDA receptors inside the brain. This allows for the same results, or better that traditional antidepressants with SRIs, such as Prozac. And those results last longer, Sportelli says, and could even aid sufferers with what’s referred to as treatment-resistant depression.

Sportelli said that ketamine therapy remains a relatively new therapy however he noted that it hasn’t been approved yet at the Food and Drug Administration. “It’s the only hope that we have,” he added.

“My analogy is this,” he continues. “If you are experiencing extreme storms, but nothing can help them get out of the storm, if you are able to pull the storm away for a week or two It could prove beneficial in getting their lives to be back on track.”

Take a look at the complete interview to know more about this process and decide whether ketamine therapy is the right choice for you or a loved one. For more information on the best procedure for your needs, seek the advice of a professional if you feel it’s. xnvpp5afiy.

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