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There are a variety of ways to give the furniture rustic appearance. In this article we’ll discuss two pieces made of rustic furniture you could make by yourself.

The very first furniture item that we are going to examine is a wooden door mat. This piece of furniture could be placed at your front door. In order to make it, you’re going to require wooden pieces that are in the size you prefer. There will be holes to drill through the sides of every piece of wood. You should smooth out the wood immediately after drilling. The final part of the process was stringing every piece of wood together. You are able to paint it whatever color you want.

A wooden headboard is the other piece of furniture from the rustic style that we’re going to talk about. Make sure you measure your bed to determine how many inches between the floor and the top of the mattress for the headboard. You can use these measurements in combining the wooden pieces exactly the same way you did with your doormat.


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