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nchecked leaks in long-term. Leaks that are not checked can result in an odor or mold growth and could be potentially dangerous. It is also possible to cause harm to the house’s structural integrity, which can be dangerous and risky. Leaks that are not checked can cost you money. Any time a leak occurs within your house, the water waste is being emitted. Therefore, you need to have leaks taken care of swiftly. You will need to hire plumbers to repair the leak as well being liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars for wasted water. That’s the reason any home inspection checklist has to include an inspection for leaks, and remediate them.
3. Make sure you have a fresh water supply

If you go through your home inspection checklist, you may find that repairing those leaks reveals the fact that your water system may outdated as it might be. A lot of homes, particularly older homes, have outdated water systems. It means the homeowners don’t always have access to the most efficient and efficient water they can. A home inspection will reveal that most homeowners are aware the need to upgrade the water heater they have. The reason for this is that water heaters can last much too long, when they are meant to be replaced every between six and 13 years.

When you are doing the home inspection, one more aspect to consider is the inclusion of water softeners or water filters. These will make sure that not only are the residents in your home drinking clean water , but taste is better as well and has a better taste. Water that is clean can often be loaded with minerals. Although these minerals are able to be consumed without issue However, they can irritate the skin when bathing and may negatively impact the taste of your water. All of this being said, an upgrade to your water system can not simply increase the value your house, but can also help make your home an enjoyable environment to live in.


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