How an Electric Water Heater Is Installed – Home Improvement Tax

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Anyone who owns a home should know the basics of water heater replacement. A Youtube footage “Electric Water Heater Installation” shows the process of a professional setting up the new heater so you could do it at home as well. We’ll tell you more.
It is important to check the water heater when you don’t have hot water. It could be as simple as a broken heating element that can be easily substituted. However, if there are objects like water on your floor, then you’ll need to purchase an entirely new tank. Check the tank’s label prior to buying. So, you don’t have to change much about your existing setup.

Before taking any action take a look at your water pressure outdoors with an outdoor spigot. A good range is between 50-60 PSI. If the pressure is higher than this, it may be necessary install a pressure-reducing valve. In order to relieve pressure from your tank’s main one You might want to think about the possibility of an expansion tank.

Watch the remainder of the video to get more details about water heater replacement.


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